ParisNetwork interview a trendy hairdresser : Le Loft by Denis

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ParisNetwork interview a trendy hairdresser

Le Loft by Denis 75017

Denis DO AMARAL is the beauty consultant for his customers. Denis found his calling as a hairdresser about twenty years ago. He worked in trendy hair salons and avant garde circles. He was also a trainer in many schools and still collaborates with L'Oreal. Using his talent, he opened his first salon in 2001 in the 5th arrondissement. Satisfied with this first solo experience, he opened The Loft in 2008. He wanted an open space, with large mirrors to allow him to see the globality of his/her customer in order to watch his/her hair with their personality, and the place rue de Tocqueville was perfect for this.

Denis purpose is to advise the customer in order to find what is best for them. It's a real pleasure for him to see a customer happy with their new look and many satisfied customers have been coming back for years.

Denis works with a team that love their job. A good hairdresser is a true craftsman, and Denis keeps on developping the skills of his coworkers. In the near future Denis plans to add other services such as make up and clothing advice in order to provide a full beauty service to the customer.

This project reflects his motto : look further and higher and give your best. At the Loft, this is what every customer gets from Denis and his team.


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